At Libsys, we tailor our solutions to the issues faced by specific industries.
Every company and industry has its own complex set

Industry Expertise

Libsys is an industry accredited cater-corner for all the business and technological requisites of your company. We blend our vertical market expertise with an extensive targeted market research to serve definitive customized solutions to nurture your company. We serve with the belief that there is no common desideratum that fits all, each industry demands a unique slant for problem solving. Because our research, your edge!

Libsys assists in running the cycle of develop-install-operate the tailored solutions for our clients inland and all across the globe.

Which industry do you belong to?

  • Banking and Financial Services - Partnership services and packaged software to respond to the need and/or update basic IT systems, develop IT processes and add digital services.
  • Healthcare & Pharmaceutical – Team of dedicated health care and welfare specialists, High Quality Health care Consulting.
  • Manufacturing and Logistics – Most economic solution to the handling and distribution processes, logistics, inventory management, material handling systems for manufacturing, distribution and retail organizations.
  • Insurance – Insurance software solutions spanning across Life, Annuities, Health, Property and Casualty and Reinsurance.
  • Media and Publishing - Sustainable IT solutions and R&D services ensuring optimal business performance.
  • Life Sciences – Provide industry-specific solutions to marketing and sales, supply chain, research and development, global regulatory compliance and outsourcing.
  • Retail – Development and maintenance of the digital value chain of international retailers.
  • Telecommunications – Maximizing service reliability, accelerating time-to-revenue statistics, targeted services, technology and functional expertise, increasing customer satisfaction, optimizing service delivery.
  • Technology – Cost-efficient Professional IT services. Seamless co-operation with other Business Areas of Libsys, offering a unique combination of customer proximity, industry competencies and global opportunities.